Friday, March 16, 2018

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I, Aniyah. Click Here 

From Michelle Hardin's Dangerous Beauty Saga. I highly recommend these stories if you have not read them. I reference different topics from all four books. While waiting for Ms. Hardin to publish the next installment, hopefully it will be Lucca or Mickey, I got to thinking about some of the other characters we were introduced to. I liked the character Aniyah Clark, how she was there for Carter in the beginning and really had a strong older sister vive. Then, of course, things went horribly wrong with Carter's change and then the relationship with the man she had had a crush on for forever. I'm still holding out for Aniyah. We may not see her again in any of Ms. Hardin's future stories but I just had to scratch the itch of "what if." Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lost and Longing

New Story From Leichelle

Diane Johnson Prinledge is a successful party planner married to one of Georgia's up and coming politicians. It is a marriage for show, completely political and utterly strategic. Patrick Eugene McQuillan is a former soldier, ex-con, and man barely surviving. Every time it looks like he is about to come into his own disaster strikes. One bad decision leads to an unlikely meeting and sparks fly. Will these two lost souls find the love they have been longing for?
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Love Undetected

Love Undetected

"True love is like a stew, you just have to stir up sometimes and bring the good stuff to the top again."
Camille Wilson had spent over 28 years being a devoted wife and mother. She had a house in an affluent neighborhood of D.C., three beautiful grown children and a husband with a successful job. One would believe she almost had it all. Now that she had an empty nest Camille wanted to get her marriage back on track. She is ready to turn down the lights, open the wine, and seduce her husband.

"True love doesn’t exist and anyone that says so is only after two things, sex and your bank account."
Marshall Price believed that statement whole-heartedly and the cynical private detective is never wrong. In his experience romance was overrated and unnecessary. Infidelity is a given in his book and love is just a made up notion. When a new case comes his way to investigate the seemingly innocent Camille Wilson, Marshall discovers being wrong might just be the right thing for his heart.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Love's Shelter

Love's Shelter

Vanessa Kennedy grew up with privilege but at a cost. Schools, career plans and friends had all been handpicked for her. She obeyed her parents wishes to the letter and now a gifted surgeon with seemingly a perfect life, she yearns for more. She wants to live. She is ready to embrace a life where she can make and break her own rules. At thirty-­two she didn't think it would ever happen until she is forced to take a singles cruise. Vanessa is intrigued by the down-­to-­earth Jack Stillman that seemed to run from everything her parents valued as important. Professor Jack Stillman knew what is was like to live his life according to the dictates of others. Breaking free had been one of the best decisions of his life. He vowed to never place a person in a cage. After losing a bet he finds himself on a singles cruise with intentions to remain in his cabin the entire cruise. Until he meets Dr. Vanessa Kennedy. He is immediately drawn to the beautiful doctor whose thirst for life invigorates him. The more time he spends with the demure doctor the more he wants to allow her space to experience life on her own terms. But something sinister threatens their new love and life. Will their own doubts and fears keep them from the love they both desire?
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Finders Keepers

George Townsend wanted out of his life. His unhappiness had caused him to do a desperate act. Monique Brown had learned how to survive on her own, making happiness where she could. Monique finds George and saves his body and soul. Can he save her too? WM/BW Ratings: Mature, romance, suspense.
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sudden Bloom

Allain Krisson didn't expect to lose her best friend and become a mother at twenty but that was the path her life had taken. Now she is an accomplished woman, a math professor that had raised three children on her own. She had always put her children first and was glad to skip much of the dating drama many single mothers have to deal with while trying to find love. She was ready for love and to be loved. Maybe. Allain wouldn't mind a good, strong "brother" to spend her days with and sizzle her nights but at forty she just wants someone, anyone to share her life. Maybe. Her past experience with men had left her either heartbroken or cynical. Did she really want male drama in her life? She had enough drama with her college students each semester. Set up on a blind date by one of her children she is immediately taken with the handsome Australian. Their romance blossoms faster than Spring flowers after the thaw and she soon realizes that all that she ever wanted may be right before her. David Haydon didn't expect to be divorced, disillusioned and lonely. Coming from a world renowned family he thought his life was the perfect picture of happiness. His artwork was the toast of the art world but even with all his success he was not happy. Feeling insecure after his failed first marriage he questions if he is truly ready to love and live again. Would he be able to find someone that would want to know him for the man he is and not for what his name and status can do for them? Used to the finer things in life, David abandons it all to fly under the radar by taking a position at a small software company doing graphic art. He soon befriends a coworker only to be set up on a blind date with his new friend's mother. Allain stirs in him emotions he had only imagined about while idolizing the relationship and passion his parents shared. Could this beautiful woman be the one to complete him? Can he forgive himself and be the man she needs? His love for Allain ignites like dry kindling in a Outback drought during the summer. Will their sudden bloom of love be enough to sustain a lasting love that will last for all time?
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Satin Highlands

Satin Highlands
Corinne Randolph is resolved to get all her sons married so that her grandbabies can start arriving.  She arranges for her work a-holic, goal oriented son Cinaed Randolph to play tour guide to the lovely American Haylee Davis who she is convinced is to be his bride.  Cinaed has no intention of involving himself in any of his mother’s matchmaking schemes.  Although he feels a connection with the elementary teacher from New York, he is determined to stick to his agenda and build his business.  The more he tries to distance himself from Haylee the more he is drawn to her.  Cinaed must decide what the true definition of success and happiness are and whether he wants to included love in his plans. Haylee just wanted to travel to the places her deceased parents had been.  Romance was the last thing on her mind after her recent breakup with her fiancĂ©, but the handsome Scot’s presence invades her thoughts and dreams.  As Haylee’s trip winds down, she must choose whether to follow her heart or return to the life she’s always known.
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