Sunday, April 21, 2013

Satin Highlands

Satin Highlands
Corinne Randolph is resolved to get all her sons married so that her grandbabies can start arriving.  She arranges for her work a-holic, goal oriented son Cinaed Randolph to play tour guide to the lovely American Haylee Davis who she is convinced is to be his bride.  Cinaed has no intention of involving himself in any of his mother’s matchmaking schemes.  Although he feels a connection with the elementary teacher from New York, he is determined to stick to his agenda and build his business.  The more he tries to distance himself from Haylee the more he is drawn to her.  Cinaed must decide what the true definition of success and happiness are and whether he wants to included love in his plans. Haylee just wanted to travel to the places her deceased parents had been.  Romance was the last thing on her mind after her recent breakup with her fianc√©, but the handsome Scot’s presence invades her thoughts and dreams.  As Haylee’s trip winds down, she must choose whether to follow her heart or return to the life she’s always known.
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