Saturday, January 2, 2016

Love Undetected

Love Undetected

"True love is like a stew, you just have to stir up sometimes and bring the good stuff to the top again."
Camille Wilson had spent over 28 years being a devoted wife and mother. She had a house in an affluent neighborhood of D.C., three beautiful grown children and a husband with a successful job. One would believe she almost had it all. Now that she had an empty nest Camille wanted to get her marriage back on track. She is ready to turn down the lights, open the wine, and seduce her husband.

"True love doesn’t exist and anyone that says so is only after two things, sex and your bank account."
Marshall Price believed that statement whole-heartedly and the cynical private detective is never wrong. In his experience romance was overrated and unnecessary. Infidelity is a given in his book and love is just a made up notion. When a new case comes his way to investigate the seemingly innocent Camille Wilson, Marshall discovers being wrong might just be the right thing for his heart.

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