Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sudden Bloom

Allain Krisson didn't expect to lose her best friend and become a mother at twenty but that was the path her life had taken. Now she is an accomplished woman, a math professor that had raised three children on her own. She had always put her children first and was glad to skip much of the dating drama many single mothers have to deal with while trying to find love. She was ready for love and to be loved. Maybe. Allain wouldn't mind a good, strong "brother" to spend her days with and sizzle her nights but at forty she just wants someone, anyone to share her life. Maybe. Her past experience with men had left her either heartbroken or cynical. Did she really want male drama in her life? She had enough drama with her college students each semester. Set up on a blind date by one of her children she is immediately taken with the handsome Australian. Their romance blossoms faster than Spring flowers after the thaw and she soon realizes that all that she ever wanted may be right before her. David Haydon didn't expect to be divorced, disillusioned and lonely. Coming from a world renowned family he thought his life was the perfect picture of happiness. His artwork was the toast of the art world but even with all his success he was not happy. Feeling insecure after his failed first marriage he questions if he is truly ready to love and live again. Would he be able to find someone that would want to know him for the man he is and not for what his name and status can do for them? Used to the finer things in life, David abandons it all to fly under the radar by taking a position at a small software company doing graphic art. He soon befriends a coworker only to be set up on a blind date with his new friend's mother. Allain stirs in him emotions he had only imagined about while idolizing the relationship and passion his parents shared. Could this beautiful woman be the one to complete him? Can he forgive himself and be the man she needs? His love for Allain ignites like dry kindling in a Outback drought during the summer. Will their sudden bloom of love be enough to sustain a lasting love that will last for all time?
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